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Ask Filly Computer Services offers a variety of computer services for your home or business

Remote Services or Onsite Available

Remote computer repair is fast, simple and easy.  Your computer can be fixed while you are connected to the Internet. With remote services we can fix your computer over the Internet while you watch. Most repairs that are not related to hardware can be fixed remotely.

How to use Remote Support

  1. While on the phone with a technician
  2. Click on "Techinline Remote Desktop" the top button on left side menu bar.   You will be directed to another website
  3. Click the information bar and select "Install Active X Control" option..
  4. After the plugin is installed you will see a client ID number. Please give this to the technician
  5. You will be ask permission to view and control desktop. Please click on "Accept request" This will allow the technician to connect to your desktop.
  6. To disconnect close browser.
Note: The technician can only connect to your desktop when you allow it by giving the Client ID number.

Created by Phyllis West